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Wine cellar

The wine cellar is the indentification-object for each winemaker and thus the emblem of the whole winery. Although a wine cellar is a simple building, for a lot of people it is something very impressive. A wine celler is more than a storage facility. The appearance of the wine cellar reflects the style of the winemaker. The combination of traditional, big wine-barrels, barriques and steel tanks in our winery illustrates an over 200 years old story.

Steady changes over generations make the wine cellar unique and are the reason for the incomparable flair of it. The wine cellar, including all its facilities, serves the winemaker for the careful production of wine and as a location, where the wines can develop.

The cellar enables the wines to reach their full potential and therefore it is essential for the development of top-quality wines. We try to work in the most careful way, to get the high quality of the grapes from our vineyard into the bottle.