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With the end of the harvesting season the winemaker is already confronted with the next task to ensure the grape-quality. With the first days of spring the vines awake from their hibernation and from that point on the winemaker has to increase the awareness for the nature and the environment. That requires a lot of empathy and a certain amount of experience from the winemaker. The human-being is influencing the vegetation period of the vines as kind of a regulator, who evaluates situations and tries to assure the quality with selective measures.

All of our vineyards are located in the "Kamptal". That is the region, where the Danube and the Kamp,two rivers, join together and are the cause for a special climate, which particularly emphasises the multifacetedness of the different grape varieties grown here.


"In our opinion the quality of the wine is primarily determined by the work done in the vineyard. For that reason we work with lots of dedication and we foster each vine accordingly to its state. In autumn the vineyards give us back something in the form of grapes, which makes us happy and shows us, that it is worth the effort during the whole year."
Franz Wutzl